• Mr. Taglianti has simply enchanted us with his sensitive nerve and musicality…

    Prof. F. Vidovic-Krampus, Dubrovnik
  • …To hear a young pianist play one of the most challenging works in the repertoire with such insight and panache was both a privilege and a pleasure. Bravo!

    Prof. Meirion Hughes, Liszt Society Journal
  • “A unique pianistic blend of power and sensitivity….wonderful performance!”

    Dr. T.A. Kilgore, American Liszt Society – Boston
  • Andrea Vigna Taglianti is a sensitive, committed and intelligent musician and a true artist. For him, technical prowess – which he has in abundance – and even the pianoforte itself are placed at the  service of the musical style, taste and soul of whatever works he brings to the stage.

    Dr. Leslie Howard, London