Andrea Vigna-Taglianti with Respighi Piano Trio in Concert for the Jasmin Festival, Ramallah

The Respighi Piano Trio¬†(Andrea Bertino, violin – Luca Panicciari, cello – Andrea Vigna-Taglianti, piano)¬†originated in 2011. All three players are italian established solo and chamber artists in their own right. They share a common background of origin, studies and interests, and they bring years of concert experience and new excitement to their concert programs. The trio’s repertoire includes pieces of composers from the early classics to the 20th century, with a strong presence of Italian repertoire, also in form of transcriptions on opera arias and ouvertures. The ensemble also plays contemporary italian composers, who enrich their repertoire.

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Trio Respighi

Jasmin Festival 2016

Jasmin Festival 2016