The Dubrovacki List, Croatian newspaper about Epidaurus Festival / A concert review by Prof. F. Vidovic-Krampus, Dubrovnik

"Dubrovacki List"

The Dubrovacki List


I have, with great interest listened to a concert which was given by a young, talented Italian pianist, Andrea Vigna Taglianti at the first edition of the Epidaurus Festival on the 25th September of 2007 in south of Croatia.

Mr. Taglianti has simply enchanted us with his sensitive nerve and musicality.

He has successfully interpreted three works by Franz Liszt: Invocation and Pater Noster from the Harmonies poétiques et religieuses and the Vallée d’ Obermann from the Années de Pélegrinage and a first performance of a very curious piece written by a contemporary Italian composer and pianist, Antonello Lerda:Evoluvendo. Mr. Taglianti has undoubtedly shown to us his sense and interest for Liszt’s opus. He has kept us curious till the end, with sovereignty in this Liszt’s masterpieces and has of course surprised us with an interesting interpretation of the Lerda’s piece. Taglianti’s interest and good understanding of the contemporary language leaves on us a message to listen and discover a world of the contemporary Arts which we are, due to this concert very much able to.

Prof. F. Vidovic-Krampus, Dubrovnik